Frequently Asked Questions

General questions you may have concerning your move, these are by no means exhaustive for further questions you can go to contact us.

Q In general, what is the notice period for our removal dates?
A The more notice your give us the better, this is because we get booked up in advance as we can only do so many moves per day depending on the volume and distance involved.
Q Are you fully insured?
A Yes, we are but you should check with your insurers as it may be that they have insured your goods for the removal.
Q Are there any hidden charges?
A No, the price you have been quoted is the price you pay. However, please be as honest as you can as to the volume of your move (again this is another reason for a survey to be carried out, the surveyor will discuss this with you.
Q I am very busy, can you help out with the packing?
A Yes, we can carry out the complete packing or just your fragile items.
Q  I only have a few items to be moved from Dunkeld to Perth.  Is it worth getting in touch with you as a mover?
A Yes as we have smaller vans to do the small jobs.
Q What is Perthshire Removals privacy policy?
A We only use your details to answer your enquiry or to carry out your removal; we do not sell or pass on your details to any third party, and all your details are shredded thereafter.  Card details taken over the telephone are shredded immediately.

For more information call us on 01738 643708

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