About Perthshire Removals

Here at Perthshire Removals we just can't believe the nightmare that previous customers have told us of past experiences of previous moves and that how badly other people out there are doing removals. With this in mind Perthshire Removals have adopted Ten Commandments

  • Problem solve as it occurs
  • We will just do things 'right'
  • We will make our customers No 1 priority
  • To carry out our work will a smile on our faces
  • To praise in public and criticise in private
  • To know our stuff and never bluff
  • No problem sir or madam I'll do that for you
  • Whether you think you can or think you can't the customer is always right
  • Anything else I can do for you
  • Good luck in your new property

Ten Points the Customer does not want to hear.

  • You are having a laugh
  • You must be joking
  • The Boxes are heavy
  • It won't fit
  • You told me you were ready for us
  • What top flat and no lift
  • Can I use your brand new loo
  • What you've packed the kettle
  • Hurry up and wait for the keys
  • What - do you think I am a magician

I'm sure this has all been heard before but hey you have enough to worry about on moving day and that's the last thing you want to hear from the crew.

With a growing list of happy customers and a strong presence throughout Perthshire we continue to develop our team from strength to strength. Why - simply because we want you to think of your move as an adventure and not am upheaval. We know how stressful the moving experience is. Here at Perthshire Removals you have landed in good hands.

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